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An Introduction to Epilight

There have been so many unfulfilled promises of long-term hair removal that we hardly pay attention when yet another company makes claims.

Current solutions offer us the choice of multiple and uncomfortable electrolysis sessions or a series of painful laser treatments that carry potential side effects. Thankfully, the EPILIGHT HAIR REMOVAL SYSTEM is available for widespread use.

Dr. Harvey Jay, a New York City board-certified dermatologist and Clinical Assistant Professor at Cornell Medical School, was chosen to investigate the efficacy of the EPILIGHT SYSTEM for FDA licensure. Dr. Jay is a leading dermatology authority who has studied the effects of pulsed-light treatment on blood vessels, scars, and hair removal for the past eight years. He is pushing the envelope, refusing to be satisfied with inconsistent results from inflexible, pre-set lasers.

The initial clinical results on the EPILIGHT were nothing short of revolutionary: Long-term hair removal is a reality.

What makes EPILIGHT so effective? Other lasers have very little range in their light wavelengths. This means that the light that causes the hair to be eliminated is not adjustable. 'Unfortunately, hair texture, color and size vary from person to person as well as on one's own body. If you use the same beam of light for different hairs, how can you expect them to be removed with the same efficiency?' says Dr. Jay. Simply increasing the intensity of a steady laser beam leads to side effects like hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation (darkening and lightening of the skin).

The EPILIGHT is superior because the energy delivered to the area is adjustable. It uses pulses of light, instead of a single blast. The break between the pulses prevents damage to the skin and surrounding tissues. Two to five pulses deliver the requisite energy safely, and the result is long-term, possibly permanent, hair removal, often in a single treatment.

Due to his extensive research and experience, Dr. Jay can provide gentle and comfortable pulsed-light treatments custom tailored for your skin and hair type. The EpiLight Hair Removal System promises to change hair removal as we know it, and the method is entirely simple: A cooling gel is applied to the treatment area. The pulsed-light head is positioned against the hair, and, like a flash from a camera, zapped. Immediately, the stubborn hair is banished!

As one of only three original investigators, United States Food and Drug Administration approval for the EpiLight, received in July, 1997, was based upon Dr. Jayís pioneering research and excellent results. Dr. Jay can individualize treatment for each patient based upon hair size, color, and location.

Patients report that hair removal in 1995-1996 has not returned 7-8 years later!

Having performed over 6,000 treatment sessions using this technology, Dr. Jay has had great success in removing unwanted hairs on many body surfaces including the face, legs, bikini area, abdomen, underarms, arms, and back.




Pictures donít lie! If youíve ever been plagued with unwanted hair--and what man OR woman hasnít...salvation is heading your way. The dramatic results you see before your eyes are what anyone who has ever been embarrassed, ashamed or inhibited by excess hair can expect after just ONE to THREE treatments at Dr. Harvey Jayís EpiLight Treatment Center.


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