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Pulsed Light or Laser Treatment of
* Unwanted Hair * Ingrown Hair * Rosacea * Facial Blood Vessels
* Acne * Leg Veins * Scars
* PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) Associated Unwanted Hair

Harvey H. Jay, M.D., a world renowned authority, researcher and
Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Weill-Cornell Medical School

Dr. Jay's Successful Treatment of Rosacea's Symptoms: Flushing, Burning, Stinging, and Tingling.
See 7 case studies featured in
Skin and Aging Journal 2007
Skin and Aging
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Patients of all skin colors
respond to Dr. Jay's
Ultimate Light treatment

Dr. Jay Personally Treats ALL Patients

Dr. Harvey H. Jay

Harvey H. Jay, M.D.
* Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical School
* Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
* Board-certified Dermatologist

45 East 62nd. St.,
New York, NY 10065
Tel: 212-755-2237

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Makeover 2006
Dr. Jay is one of only seven Hair-removal centers in the US to be featured in March 2006 InStyleMagazine and in the Fall 2006 Makeover Edition. Click on magazine to see details.
InStyle Magazine

See animated explanation of INGROWN HAIRS
and EpiLight treatment.
ingrown hair animation image

Dr. Jay's Intense Pulsed Light Treatment as seen on UPN 9 Television
Pulsed Light Treatment as seen on UPN 9 TV

Dr. Jay has also been featured on Good Morning America, CNN, WNBC, CNBC, FOX and WCBS Television and in the New York Times, Newsday, Vogue, Bride, and Allure Magazines.

Patients and Physicians from around the world have traveled to Dr. Jay for safe and effective treatment with laser and pulsed light.

Read about Dr. Jay's ULTIMATE LIGHT METHOD of Pulsed Light Epilight or Photoderm

*See Multimedia Presentations* Click here for video clips of a presentation and explanation by Dr. Jay, patient interviews, actual treatment sessions, and more!

A new concept in shaving from Dr. Jay
Harvey Jay, M.D. is a world renowned authority and researcher in the clinical application of laser and pulsed light technology for the treatment of unwanted hair.

Dr. Jay has successfully treated thousands of patients during the past twenty-five years in his Manhattan dermatology practice. His technology has proven itself highly effective for hair removal and for treating various dermatological and cosmetic conditions.
  • Harvey Jay MD personally treats every patient.
  • Dr. Jay uses pulsed light EpiLight for the removal of unwanted hair, on both large and small areas.
  • Large areas of unwanted hair such as men's backs, shoulders, chests or women's legs and arms can be treated quickly and effectively during a lunch break.
  • Virtually painless treatment -- without the need for needles or anesthetic -- for every skin color (from black to white).
  • Return to normal activity immediately following treatment.

Other skin problems that Dr. Jay personally treats include:

  • ACNE -- has improved or cleared after treatment with pulsed light using Dr. Jay's techniques.
  • INGROWN HAIRS or RAZOR BUMPS (PSEUDOFOLLICULITIS) of the bikini area, beard areas -- can all respond, dramatically. Improvement in skin discoloration and scarring are frequently noted. Women, get ready for swimsuit weather! Men finally have a solution for the pain and embarrassment of razor bumps!
    Patients whom Dr. Jay has personally treated with Epilight have reported that their dramatic improvement is "LONG LASTING" (over 12 years and counting).
  • ROSACEA or FACIAL BLOOD VESSELS -- respond well to PhotoDerm treatments. Temporary bruising is rarely seen. Since 1995, treatment improvement has been long lasting.

    Dramatic clearing of Facial Redness

    Photo of Rosacea and Dramatic clearing of Facial Redness as a result of treatment
    Click for details at www.rosacea.net
  • PCOS' Unwanted Hair -- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome's unwanted hair has been successfully treated by Dr. Jay using his Ultimate Light pulsed light method.
  • SCARS -- elevated and even depressed scars-have responded to PhotoDerm and EpiLight pulsed-light treatments.
  • LEG VEINS, SPIDER VEINS, PORT WINE STAINS, and HEMANGIOMAS -- have all been successfully treated by Dr. Jay using pulsed-light technology.
  • TATTOOS -- also respond to pulsed-light treatment.
See Dr. Jay's December 2002 study in the
Cornell University issue of Cosmetic Dermatology,
peer reviewed Medical Journal.
Cornell University issue of Cosmetic Dermatology peer review

Safety of Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal
in 250 Consecutive NEW PATIENTS
is the largest laser or pulsed light treatment SAFETY study in which 250 CONSECUTIVE NEW patients were SAFELY treated by Dr. Jay.
498 treatments of the most technically difficult patients produced less than 1% temporary color changes, which cleared in 3 to 6 weeks.
See the actual article!


Light that Beautifies

Where can I learn more about Dr. Jay, Pulsed Li ght and its uses, and see photographs of Dr. Jay's actual results?

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View over 120 Before and After photos of Dr. Jay's results
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Facial Hair Removal

Facial Hair Removal

Back Hair Removal

Chest Hair Removal

Arm Hair Removal

Abdomen Hair removal

Axilla (Underarm)
Underarm Hair Removal

Lower Leg
Leg Hair Removal
INGROWN HAIRS (Pseudofolliculitis)
Ingrown Hairs - Chin

Ingrown Hairs - Cheek

ROSACEA: Facial Blood Vessels, Flushing, Burning, Stinging, or Tingling
Rosacea - Cheek

Rosacea - Nose

Leg Veins
Leg Veins - Thigh

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to view many more before & after photos of our patients.

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